In October 1998, inspired by an episode of the America's Most Wanted program, a small group of private citizens joined together to help solve the Boy in the Box mystery. They came from varied backgrounds, and pursued different occupations, lifestyles and interests. Despite their individual diversity, there were three fundamental things that they all shared in common. Namely, a sincere feeling of empathy for a poor little boy who was brutally killed more than four decades ago under very mysterious circumstances, a fervent desire to help solve this mystery and ultimately establish the boy's true identity, and the willingness to work together cooperatively, pooling their individual knowledge and skills, to achieve that goal. In April 1999, the group founded the America's Unknown Child website.

Over time, the personnel roster has changed, but the group's mission remains the same. All but one of the current members have extensive law enforcement experience and are active participants in the ongoing investigation of the Boy in the Box case.


The current "America's Unknown Child" team.

(L to R): William Kelly, George Knowles, Joe McGillen, and Tom Augustine.


The purpose of our America's Unknown Child web site is to raise public awareness about the Boy in the Box case via the Internet. We are confident that utilizing this new communications medium will enable us to reach a wider audience than has thus far been achieved by other means. In establishing this web site, we sought to make available to people throughout the world the complete background and history of the relentless search to determine the identity of the mysterious unknown boy who suffered such a tragic and senseless death so many years ago. Thus far, the site has been visited more than 1 1/2 million times by people from all 50 states and from more than 175 nations around the globe.

Through the use of computer technology and the World Wide Web, we believe the chances of reaching someone who can finally unravel this mystery, someone who knows the actual identity of this young boy or knows who killed him, has been greatly enhanced. If you are that person, you now have the opportunity to safely unburden yourself of the dreadful knowledge that you have carried in secret for far too long. To help you take that all-important first step, we have provided the means by which you can conveniently, and anonymously, inform the appropriate law enforcement authorities about what you know. Just go directly to our Response Form page, download, print and complete the simple, prepared form, and mail it (anonymously if you wish) to the Vidocq Society. That's all there is to it!

If you know the answer to this baffling mystery, please have the courage to make your information known today.