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Why don't you contact a psychic like Sylvia Brown? She appears on the Montel Williams show all of the time and tells people what happened to their loved ones. I don't know much about her or know if what she foresees is the truth or not, but I have heard she has helped solve a lot of cases for other law enforcement agencies. Yes, a lot of people think she is crazy and don't believe in seeing the past, but you have nothing to lose by asking her for help. After all, what do you have to go on right now? Nothing! I was just wondering if she could help find the killer or give the poor boy a name. Maybe then his little soul can rest in peace. How come none of the well known psychics help with this case?

Generally speaking, the people investigating this case have been very open minded and willing to try alternative approaches to solving it. Over the years, several psychics have attempted to solve this baffling case, but without exception, their efforts were unsuccessful. We have found that, in the long run, good old-fashioned police work has been responsible for at least 95% of the progress that has been made.


What ever happened to the psychic? Are there any other records of her and/or others being used for this case? Can't the authorities contact a psychic as other law enforcement officials have done on difficult cases?

We have been contacted many times in the past by psychics. In several instances, psychics have told us about their "vision" of the unknown boy's first name. Unfortunately, none of the psychics who spoke to us about the case was ever able to offer any substantive information that was of practical value in solving it. Although, as a matter of policy, we do not actively seek the assistance of psychics, we remain open to any and all information, ideas, and suggestions.


While I don't consider myself to be a "true psychic", the ability to foretell events and see things that others can't runs in my family. On this past Monday night a strange dream woke me up. It was very real. A man's soft voice said in the dream "Don't worry EDWARD, they know who you are." There was a little boy in the dream--half rising from a lying position--with the man's hand extended toward him. That was the extent of the dream. The little boy looked like "the boy in the box". Perhaps this information could be useful to your investigation.

Thank you for writing to the America's Unknown Child web site and telling us of your strange dream about a boy named "Edward". We are open to any and all information, no matter what the source or the means by which it was acquired. Unfortunately, although we certainly don't question your claim of having unusual foresight and the ability to "see" things that others can't, we would need to have much more specific and definitive information in order for it to be of practical use in the investigation.


I am an ordinary woman by most standards. I do not claim to be "psychic" or even have precognitive knowledge, though at least three times in my 33 years I have faced both things. I definitely had a precognitive vision that my own mother would pass away within six months, and I knew that my grandfather had passed before I was told because I talked with him in my sleep and he told me he had to go. I also met a boy I had never seen except in a dream the night before I met him. At least two ghosts have also made themselves known to me. Anyway, after reading the e-mails on your site, I was stunned to find a particular letter that mentioned the name "Edward". The thing that stunned me was that I also had a dream where I spoke with the boy. I asked him his name and he said he was known as "Eddie". After sitting up most of the night with "Eddie's" face floating in a deathmask behind my eyes, I dismissed it as a wish for him to have some tie to his short life. I now must wonder whether I may have heard a voice from elsewhere. I have been heartbroken since my first encounter with this case. I cannot think of this boy as anything but "Eddie" and I wonder if any other investigators have felt a link with this beautiful, ruined boy.

Thank you for your input. Several names have been suggested to us in the past, but there have been no duplicates until now. We will not speculate as to whether the name duplication is in some way significant or just pure coincidence. In any case, we appreciate your concern.


This will surely sound strange to you, but I felt that even though it would probably be of no help to you, I wanted to pass it on. I am a hairdresser. For some strange reason, when parents come into the shop for the first time with their child, [and this happens to me most always when it is a male child,] I know the child's first name before I even speak to the customer. This has happened for years and I cannot explain it. As I was looking at the picture of the unidentified "Boy in the Box" I was not even thinking about this thing that happens to me with first names. I was reading all about this sad case, and suddenly a name popped into my mind, as it does at work. The name was "Ricky". I felt you might find this ridiculous, but I wanted to pass it on to you for what it's worth. I have been correct on this name popping into my head 99% of the time. I assure you I am not some nut. Just a regular person who for some reason has a little touch of ESP or what ever you call it. This, and other forms of it were very predominant when I was younger, not so much so as I got older. I try to put it out of my mind because a "day-dream" or a "sleep dream" could turn out to be a premonition, many times not good. For example plane crashes etc. This boy's name came VERY loud and clear to me. I wanted to tell you. I know a last name is the important thing, but "Ricky" is the first name. I can be almost positive of this.

Thank you for writing to the America's Unknown Child web site. We do not think that you are a "nut". Over the years, we have been contacted by many people with psychic abilities. We welcome the thoughts and ideas of everyone who has an interest in this case. Of course, the name "Ricky", in and of itself, has no immediate investigative value, but we do appreciate the fact that you decided to contact us.


I do back readings of cloth, photos, jewelry, etc. In your photo of the road right across from where the small boy lay, I saw two people. A young girl of maybe late teens or early twenties and a man in his early to late thirties. The girl had dark hair and a light colored dress. The man was taller then her, with a full head of blond hair. He had a white tee-shirt on and was built big in the chest and arms. He was looking at the other side of the road, right to where the box was. I would really like to help if I can. If I described any of the people you looked into, please feel free to get in touch with me. I really would like to hold the blanket to feel the way of this poor child's death. I was only 12 years old at the time and I did not know of this till today.

The physical descriptions of the man and young girl do not match any of the known suspects. Unfortunately, the blanket that the unknown boy was wrapped in has not survived.


I have come up with a theory regarding this poor little boy who was treated so cruelly. My theory is based on a premise. The premise is that most murders, particularly here in the United States, are unsolved because they were committed by women. I believe this to be a truth as old as our history. There's nothing tangible that I base this on. It's just a feeling.

Using my amateur psychic ability, I sense that this little boy lived with his mother and father and grandmother. Either one or both of the parents did not want any MORE children or did not want children IN GENERAL. They (principally, the mother) HATED children and hated parenthood. She may have even had a deep-seated hatred for men/boys.

The father, like many men throughout time, was the type of man who had a "small-man" complex. I've noticed that this mind-set is manifested in different ways, but one of the ways is that of a man feeling absolutely and completely insignificant around women. Their very existence, let alone their opinion, holds no bearing or importance of any kind whatsoever in this type of man's reality.

The woman HATED having to do things for the boy or for any child, for that matter; dressing, feeding, sewing, mending, washing, bathing, whatever was the daily routine. Out of deeply imbedded rage and "continuous" anger, she would hurt him for lots of stupid reasons.

As I mentioned before, I'm trying to use my very-amateur-psychic ability to picture what could have happened all those many years ago.

She had done this before, but this time when the boy didn't sit up "right", she held his little head down in the water. He still did not do whatever stupid, petty thing she wanted him to do, so she either pulled him out of the water herself or demanded him to "...get himself out of the tub!"

At some point, he may have lost his footing and had fallen. She slammed his little head up against either the tub, the floor or something else and then continued to beat him on his head until he "didn't say anything anymore."

The father (and grandmother), with pain, hearing or seeing all of this the entire time, looked down, "...looked sad again..." and ran to somewhere, got the blanket that the boy's grandmother had just sewn or mended, tried to gather his son up into the blanket, into his arms, hoping in the back of his mind that maybe he'll "come back to us", but truthfully knowing that the boy was "gone".

He put his boy's body in the blanket. Went to a basement, closet, cellar or some type of storage room; remembered the box that the bassinet came in that was still in there. He left the boy there in that box in that "storage" room for---a few days (the only "funeral" that the father could have with the boy). Couldn't take it anymore, he took the boy's body to the woods where he may have taken the boy once sometime before, on an errand. He actually hated himself more than he hated the boy's mother or anyone else in life. He despised the kind of man that he was.

I am an investigator associated with The Vidocq Society and currently involved in the long-continuing investigation of this young boy's death 43 years ago.

Your Email to Sleuths7 has been forwarded to us and I will attempt to reply. Over the many years since this death was discovered, the case remains an open one since there is no statute of limitations in homicide cases. To be sure, his death is considered to have been a homicide. Although the manner of death shown on the official death certificate does not reflect this specific terminology, the autopsy findings indicate a pattern of physical abuse over a long period of time and clearly support such a conclusion.

In your message you refer to yourself as an "amateur psychic", and I take that to mean you believe you might possess a certain ability to "see" things that perhaps others cannot. As an investigator with many years experience I want you to know that I personally do not dispute that this ability may be possessed by persons, so I take no exception to your wanting to share with us the conclusions you put forth. I must tell you, however, that you are by no means the first to suggest the kind of scenario you have presented to us. Over the course of the 43-year history of this ongoing investigation many many such scenarios have occurred to and been checked out by those assigned to the case at any given time, and yes, we have also heard from countless psychics like yourself.

In saying all this, it is not my intention to minimize your efforts to be helpful, and we certainly do appreciate your interest and input. Every conceivable lead and avenue of approach has been gone over with minute precision, yet to this day he remains unidentified. As I said, I am part of a team currently checking out every lead that comes to our attention, and there is nothing too improbable for us to look into.


I'm a Canadian, residing in Toronto, Ontario. My very serious hobbies are Astrology & Numerology. I use these two in finding the Sun Sign (actually the birth date) of child-rapist murderers. I've been reasonably good at this with a couple of cases in Toronto. However, there's no guarantee of finding the exact birth date. Sometimes, I wind up with the progressed Sun for the killer's age, giving the Police a birth date in March instead of his actual birth date in February.

What I would most like to obtain are the birth dates of ex Police Officer Elmer Palmer and ex Police Officer Sam Weinstein. As the first officers on the scene on Feb. 26/57, it is possible that they may give me the Sun Sign of the Boy in the Box, particularly the exact degree, which would then give me the date, if not the year. I was also wondering if it's possible to obtain deceased officer Remington Bristow's birth date. It may be just as helpful, although the two officers who first observed the boy's body would be (perhaps) more enlightening. Is it possible to obtain these birth dates? Maybe I can be of help.

This is the first time that someone has offered to help solve the case through Numerology and/or Astrology.

We don't know the birth dates of Sam Weinstein and Elmer Palmer, and even if we did know, we wouldn't provide such personal information to anyone without first obtaining their permission. On the other hand, we can tell you the birth date of Remington Bristow, since it is a matter of public record. Bristow was born in Oregon on August 12, 1921. He died in Philadelphia, PA on October 4, 1993.

Perhaps Bristow's birth date would be more meaningful to you, since he devoted much of his adult life (36 years) to a personal crusade to find the boy's killer. There was a special "spiritual bond" between Bristow and the unknown boy. Officers Elmer Palmer and Sam Weinstein, though first on the scene, did not have any subsequent involvement in the case until fairly recently.


Thank you so much for Remington Bristow's birth date. I appreciate it. I also understand why you would not want to provide the birth dates of still living persons unless they were contacted & willing to offer them. I have sent a letter to Robert Ressler of the Vidocq Society, as years ago I sent much information to Atlanta, Georgia re: the Atlanta Child Murders. I believe Mr. Ressler was involved in that, and would perhaps remember all this data. I even told the officials re: that case that the murderer would have the number "18" in his address. This turned out to be true.

Remington Bristow reflects a Sun Sign of 25 degrees of Libra, which usually falls on October 18th in any given year. However, the year that I'm primarily looking at is 1950, making the Boy 6 years, 4 months of age at the time of death. I put a tape measure on my wall, from the floor upwards, to 40 1/2 inches. To me this indicates a child of at least 5 years, if not pushing 6 years. I'm most certainly not adamant about the age factor, but 40 1/2 inches is fairly tall for a 4 year old, whereas 6 years fits in with a lifetime of undernourishment, neglect and possible abuse. When Mr. Bristow died on October 4/93, the Sun degree was at 191 = 11 degrees of Libra, the same as on the Boy's grave marker number for so many years. Not only does Mr. Bristow reflect the Boy, but this date of Oct. 18/50 reflects back to Mr. Bristow.

However, without corroborating the birth dates of the two police officers who were first to view the boy's body, I cannot say this is absolutely correct. These two officers were spiritually attached to the boy as well as Mr. Bristow, and are most important. If they should also reflect this degree, then that would be enough for me to say "that's it".

I also looked at October 18, 1952 (a leap year), which places the Sun, Moon, Saturn and Neptune all conjunct. This aspect would more than likely cause retardation problems, and the likelihood of the child having to take drugs for one or many afflictions. It would, however, correspond with an age bracket of 4 years, 4 months.

This date also has the birthpath of 191, which is obtained this way: 19 + 91 + 81 = 191 (this is called a 'flat birthpath') The 1 is for October, the 9 is for the 18th, and the 8 is for 1952 (added & reduced). This meant he would not only be born on the 18th, he would be on an "18" birthpath, which is usually strewn with violence. The Personal year of this date would have been "5" in 1957, with an Age Digit of "4", which totals "9", an ending, or a conclusion.

The other year of 1950 gives a birthpath of 16, which is related to death, and in 1957 both 1950 & 1952 would put the boy on a 14 birthpath, which means to go away or be taken away. It is 1 + 9 + 4 = 14.


Thanks for your analysis of Remington Bristow's birth date. We don't know anything about Astrology or Numerology, but your second scenario (1952) is in much better agreement with medical estimates of the unknown boy's age at the time of death.


I consider myself to be psychic and hope this can be of some help.

The boy was killed by a male figure who was either his dad or stepdad. The male hated the boy and abused him a lot. The haircut was made in a fit of anger when the boy was crying and the male said he was a sissy and made him get a haircut. The bruises on the boy's legs were from being kicked around a lot by the male.

The name Howard seems to come to mind. The bassinet box belonged to another baby born in the household at the time of the boy's death. That could be the reason the abuse got worse, because now there was another child to take care of and the male felt frustrated due to lack of work and money. As for the reasoning of being loved and laid out for burial, that is ridiculous. The man never loved the boy in his short life and the only reason the boy was clean was because he'd urinated in his bed and was made to stay in the bathtub for a long time till the water was freezing. His ankle was cut on some sharp metal while playing outside.

The male was in his 20s then and is still alive now in prison for life. He is getting old and will be ready to confess to his crime soon because it's been eating away at him for years and because he wants the publicity that will go along with it. The reason he dumped the boy's body there is because he had dumped there numerous times. He worked as a carpenter and discarded a lot of junk there. He even worked at the school nearby. That's how he was acquainted with the area. If any of the suspects is named Howard, I think he will soon be ready to break down and confess to the crime.


This boy's presence is in my home. My 2-year-old speaks to him, and visions of his life flash before my eyes. He was killed by a man who had dark hair and a thick mustache. His name was Richard, but he went by "Dick." The hat found at the scene was his. He wore glasses then, now I'm not sure about. He is very old, very much alive, but he is sick...of what I don't know. He was in his mid-to-late thirties at that time. The last name that I am seeing is Borrcelli or Borrtelli. The bassinet was for another child, a girl. The mother's name was either Clara or Sarah. Her maiden name was possibly McCanne. She knew of what was going on but didn't want to be a part of it. She was also killed by him. I don't know if her body has been found yet.

The boy was beaten very badly, as you know, but there was something metal used on him. A metallic pipe of some sort, one that would bend easily when struck hard enough. He was also left in a dark basement. It is possible that his hand and feet were submerged to loosen any tissue from under his nails from fighting. I'm getting that something was either wrong with his right hand or it was being held, possibly tied. He was only in the box for 3 days before he was found. His sister is still alive. There was another man involved....mid-twenties. His name was Robbie. I don't know the last name, but he was somehow related to the boy and the other man.

I see a white house with a very clean and pristine looking porch, white latice work in the front. There is a worn path that goes around the right side of the house to the back yard. The back of the house doesn't look as neat as the front. The steps going into the back of the house were lopsided, and sagging...cinderblocks. The backyard has several trees. The one closest to the house may have had a tire swing on it, w/ fraying rope.

The boy stood next to my bed for an entire night...wanting to tell me this, but I didn't want to listen. I was too freaked out. There was something wrong with him. But the strongest thing I am getting from him now, as he stands next to me urging me to write this stuff to you no matter how much of a fruitcake it might make me out to be, is that he wants peace. He just wants to be left alone so he can rest. He knows that you need to find out who did this to him, and who he is, but as long as you are searching, his soul can't rest. That's what he longs for.


Looks like a bannister accident. Look for a staircase with a large post at the bottom - possibly a three to four floor building with wood paneling throughout. It feels like a school or a church oriented thing. Cleaning the body / finger nails and cutting the hair was female oriented. Accidental death - freak out by care givers.


I read the e-mail responses about the boy in the box, including the one from a numerologist that gave information about the boy as having a birth day of 10-18-1952. I believe he was born 4-7-1952 or 4-8-1952. His name had double letters, or numbers in it, most likely rr or ee, nn, both in first and last name. His murderer had double letters in his name as well, with his first vowel of "o". The murderer was a water sign person, either born in July (Cancer) or November (Scorpio). I lean towards Cancer - Cancer being square Aries and Libra (the numerologist/astrologer theory). The boy in the box, at the time of his death was an only child. His mother was born in either late July or the first part of August. Because this boy was found on February 25, which 2=5-7, this case will never be solved. Seven the number of mysteries, and number of Neptune, planet of deception. Also interesting, the year 1957 totals to 13/4, 4 in numerology signifies a "box". Four is also the number of Cancer, 4th sign of the zodiac..the murderer, with double letters in last name. Possibly that name begins with a "H" and totals up to 8 or begins with A, J, or S and totals 8. It is interesting to note that in Foxchase, Pa., F is 6, and O is 6. SusquehaNNa and VeRREE Road have all these double letters and numbers. Look for the pattern of doubles in names of suspects.


I ran across this website, obviously for a reason. I have some intuitive ability and thought I might get something to match facts not disclosed to us. I feel that this child did come from an orphanage of some sort. I was born in 1970, so I have no idea how things worked back then. Many names have been thrown out, so I might as well add to the pot. I get the name "Terry", but feel like this is a last name of the family, not the boy's name. Also, a woman that is involved with this case would have this description: black or dark hair, straight, parted in the middle, shoulder length; "coke-bottle" thick glasses of some sort. The name Maggie/Margaret or Debbie/Deborah may or may not fit her. I am not really that good with names but I am sure of the description. I don't know if you know the house where the boy resided or not, but it was on or near a street that has a bird's name. If you do know the house, I'm sure you've checked the attic/crawl space or top of closet for a clue because I feel like he had been there several times and may have had toys or other articles there for him to play with. I know this information is not very helpful in terms of dates, names, addresses, but maybe by the grace of God, somehow this could help you. Thanks.


I'm an 18-year-old girl who grew up in Fox Chase. Until I came across this web site I had never heard about the "Boy in the Box" story. I was overcome with a great sadness and also had many memories of being a frightful child.

To this day Fox Chase is a very nice neighborhood, but as a little girl I was terrified of being kidnapped. I was always overwhelmed with this fear, riding my bike as fast as I could whenever I came across any type of stranger. As a pre-teen my fears were the product of a very creative imagination. I enjoyed scaring kids younger than I was. So I made up a story ... it was called the "BOY IN THE BOX!" I told the neighborhood kids he was murdered and put into a box which lay in the bushes. Everyone believed my story and soon I believed it myself. I used to run by the bush in front of my house. I had convinced myself the dead boy would come out and grab my leg for help! I wish I could remember the name we had called him, but the picture of him gave me an eery feeling because that is what I had imagined him to look like! I live on the other side of Fox Chase, but the side where his body was found always gave me a sad feeling and every time I've been on that side of the neighborhood, I remember it always raining.

As a member of the current team investigating the Boy in the Box case, I found your story to be most intriguing; not that there would have been any direct connection between what you relate and the actual case, but I thought it was intriguing, none-the-less.

It is kind of eerie that you would tell your childhood friends there was a boy in a box in the bushes if, as you say, you had never known there was actually such a real occurrence. However, in all honesty, I have to believe that, while you may not recall having previously heard about the case while a child, chances are that that is in fact what happened.


 I am so glad you have the DNA. I also hope you have access to the perpetrators, which were definitely the members of the foster family. As I read the poem, I know I will kiss and hug my sweet child at the crack of dawn when she wakes up. I am unable to escape to sleep without letting you know what you already really know. The foster father killed the boy. His wife, (even in death, the boy still thinks she was his mother), hated the boy because he reminded her of her husband's lust for the child-woman she hated. I also feel that the father did something to another foster child who lived there, but who is not alive now. She was 13-15 at the time. How did the boy die? He does not know how, other than the fact that he was hit and rendered unconscious. This happened to him regularly. There must have been trauma to the brain like that of a fighter, and atrophy of the muscles from his confinement. The boy ran away and hid in the lake, coming up for breath and hoping to escape eventually. The ducks gave him away.


Let me begin by saying this case breaks my heart and weighs heavily on my mind at times. At the risk of sounding like a crackpot, I would like to pass on some information that I hope you will at least consider. I have some psychic abilities although I have not had many experiences with it. About 2 years ago, I received information from some source regarding the boy in the box. This was unusual as I was not concentrating on him at all. To make a long story short, I was given his name and the name of his father and mother. I have since forgotten the mother's name but I was given the boy's name (Jessie Owens) and the father's name (Robert Owens); PLEASE SERIOUSLY LOOK INTO THIS AS THIS KIND OF THING IS VERY RARE FOR ME!!!! I realize this sounds somewhat strange but I am willing to risk that if it helps identify this poor child.


 I have devoured everything on your website, and sought even more information. After spending over 12 hours just on your website, I thought I had it solved, but with no proof. Then a strange thing occurred. I am in no way psychic. But I saw what happened to that little boy as clearly as if I had been watching it on a movie screen! This frightened me terribly, nothing like this has happened to me before with this much clarity...everyone has premonitions and the such from time to time, but this was so very different from anything I have experienced in my life previous. I had even debated with myself whether or not to even write this to you. I know you must get lots of people who say they "saw" what happened to him. I had no knowledge of this event ever having happened before I stumbled across your website. How ironic that the blanket had been manufactured so close to my hometown. This tragic event happened nearly 20 years prior to my birth; my parents were children at the time so I don't even know if they were aware of its occurrence. I feel duty bound however to share with you my vision, as it may be of some assistance in giving that poor boy some peace. The story I am about to relate to you is long and horrific, and begins quite some time before the birth of the unknown boy. I know the foster family is said to have been cleared of suspicion. However, they were involved according to my vision, just not in the way any investigators seemed to think. Anyway, here I go with my story of my vision as it occurred to me, I sincerely hope this helps the investigation.

The mother wore the pants in the family, being the major (usually only) breadwinner in the house. She gave her daughter, who was mentally handicapped, a few pennies from time to time when she actually did something right. Mostly, the mother viewed the daughter as an embarrassment. The stepfather could not find steady work, and was constantly underfoot. Nothing was more annoying to the mother than a man who didn't know to get out of her way while she was trying to run the household and take care of the constantly changing number of foster kids. The stepfather feels cowed, but what can he do? He takes her abuse with a meek monotone "yes, dear", meanwhile he thinks of a million ways to kill her, to escape her. But murder is not in him. And the poor girl, he thinks, how old is she now? 10? 12? He finds her pretty in her own way, and knows she tries SO HARD to please her mother...but there is no pleasing that woman! He is unable to leave, tries to protect the girl, but the mother is too strong, too powerful even for him. He knows he cannot survive without her, she has told him often enough. He feels drawn to the girl, and seduces her. He feels true affection for her, but subconsciously it is a strike at the mother. The daughter and the step-father are secret lovers. She becomes pregnant, but doesn't know it (in those days it was not discussed). She doesn't even know they are having sex - has probably never even heard the word - all that she knows is he enters her, and it hurts, but he is pleased after, he kisses her and tells her everything will be ok. This is the only real show of affection she has ever had. She believes what she is doing is right, she has been instructed her whole life to do as she is told. This seems to be the one thing she can do right, every time. Her clothes are ill-fitting, so even when she begins to show, it is not noticeable. Mother discovers it one day when the daughter complains "my tummy doesn't feel good" and Mother, who may have some formal/informal nurse training in order to care for the foster children, feels the baby while she is examining her daughter. The mother is enraged - her preteen cannot have a baby! She is respected, and they cannot afford to lose the money the state gives her for the foster children. She knows of a concoction that is said to end unwanted pregnancies - she makes it and gives it to her daughter telling her it will make her tummy feel better. Which it does, for a while. Then it is pure agony as she miscarries, never knowing quite what is happening to her. This happens to her two more times before she figures it out - That was a BABY her mother took out of her! The stepfather has no idea she has been pregnant, and mom does not yet know the step father is her daughter's lover. The daughter will not say, because she does not understand the question. The daughter now becomes enamoured with the idea of having her very own baby, someone who will love only her. Someone who won't care if she doesn't do everything right. She becomes pregnant a fourth time, around the age of 15. She has figured out the signs, and hides this from her mother. However, she is unable to hide this from her stepfather, who is ecstatic and terrified at the same time. Then comes time for the baby to be born; it feels like when she miscarried, but is different somehow. She goes to take a bath, she knows there will be a lot of blood, there always has been before, and gives birth in the bathtub. The stepfather helps her, but doesn't know what to do. They have to tell her mother, she will know what to do. The mother cuts the cord and cleans the baby. Later the boy will be taken to the hospital to be circumcised, under an assumed name. His given name is Ricky, after Ricky Ricardo from her favorite show. Ricky has problems, medical and mental. He does not develop normally mentally. He has to undergo several medical procedures, always under an assumed name, usually under the name of one of the foster kids so the state will pay for it. The mother is not happy with the situation, but so long as her daughter keeps the brat quiet and out of sight, she is content. She now knows the stepfather is the father of the baby, and finds new ways every day to punish him. Ricky is sick ALL THE TIME it seems to her, and that in itself drives her nuts. He looks like the girl's father, the spittin image of him. Shortly after Ricky is born, the daughter becomes pregnant again, and again hides this from her mother. This child does not have the problems Ricky has, is more "normal". Ricky finally learns to crawl after his baby brother does - Ricky is 2 now. The daughter is still breastfeeding them. The baby will be able to be weaned soon, but Ricky does not have the development yet to be weaned. When the baby is weaned, and begins to toddle around, the mother takes him under her wing. Ricky is too much almost for the daughter to handle as it is. One day when the baby is between 2 and 3, the mother takes the baby to town with her. In a tragic accident, the baby is killed, electrocuted on a ride. The mother feels badly, and is not quite sure how she will explain this. She thinks she could tell them the baby was kidnapped while she was in the store, but in the end tell her daughter the grisly truth. The daughter is devastated by this and becomes even more enamoured of Ricky. Ricky is 3 now, and is trying to walk. The Dr. says he will probably need special shoes to walk correctly, if not braces. Already, he has had 2 surgeries, and the mother is worried the state might begin to be suspicious. There's something wrong with his eyes too, to top it all off. He is finally able to be weaned shortly after his 3rd birthday, but the mother only allows the daughter to feed him scraps. The daughter loves Ricky very much and wants to get him something special for his 4th birthday. She doesn't know how she will do this, because her mother rarely lets her go shopping with her, and never by herself. She isn't allowed to bring Ricky out of the upsatirs rooms unless the foster kids are away at school, and sometimes not even then. Once in a great while, she is allowed to take him to the log cabin out back to play. One day in January, the mother takes the daughter with her on a rare shopping trip. In the window at JC Penny's they have the most wonderful thing! A bassinet! It is $7.50, does she have that much? she wonders. She knows Ricky would love it. Later, when she gets home, she counts all her pennies and finds she does have enough. She asks her stepfather to go buy it for her, because she cannot. She thinks this will be the best present she has ever given him! Other presents she has given him are a scarf, a shirt, a handkerchief, and a pair of shoes he will grow into someday, all bought second hand. The clothes he wears are all hand me downs intended for the trash which she begged her mother to let him have. His hair, while not extremely long, is longer than most boys wear. The mother is constantly urging the daughter to cut his hair - she doesn't need the worry of lice or other vermin along with everything else. The stepfather puts the bassinet in the basement until Ricky's birthday. The mother thinks the bassinet is a ridiculous gift for a four year old, but the daughter cannot be swayed. She just knows her beautiful baby Ricky will love it, it is the perfect gift. The mother harps on and on about the boy's hair, and tells her daughter she better get it cut or she will get whipped. The mother cuts the foster kids' hair, but not Ricky's. The stepfather drives the daughter and Ricky to get his hair cut. He tells the barber a story that makes her smile, but also confuses her. He doesn't get much of his hair cut, but she decides it is short enough. They go home, and while she is giving him his bath the mother comes to inspect the haircut. The mother flies into a rage - it is still too long! The mother yells and whips her daughter, telling her she can't do anything right. Ricky, still in the bath, is frightened by the yelling and the violence of it. The mother gets her clippers and tells Ricky to get out of the tub. He cannot get out fast enough for her, she grabs him by the arm and drags him out. She begins trying to cut his hair, but in his fear he struggles to get away. She chases him, grabs him by the arm and drags him back into the bathroom where she whips his whole body, even using the clippers to wallop him on his head and shoulders several times to subdue him. Holding his head with one hand, she starts to cut his hair again, beginning at the back. He squirms, and this causes the clippers to cut his neck three times. The mother is very angry and tells him to straighten up and hold still or he will regret it, all while shaking him. On the third try, the mother is holding more firmly than ever to his forehead while trying to trim over his ears. She nicks the top of one ear, and he screams and begins thrashing around again. Still with her grip on the top of his head, she grabs his arm with the other hand and jerks him up with his feet off the floor, tells him to shut up. Then she violently pushes him down and back, and there is a sickening thud as she slams his head against the side of the sink, and he shuts up. The mother discovers Ricky is now dead, and is horrified but not relly remorseful. The daughter, noticing the silence, comes to the bathroom to see if Ricky's haircut is finished. Her mother says "He's dead. Your precious Ricky is dead, because you couldn't get him a decent haircut." The daughter, overcome with grief, grabs up Ricky and runs out of the house. She slips in the grass, and Ricky lands by the duck pond, his feet and one hand in the water. The mother runs out after her and catches her as she is getting up. She begins whipping and yelling at the girl, calling her stupid, what is she thinking, it'll ruin her reputation, they will lose the state money, and so on for quite some time. The girl, broken hearted, cries and begs her mother to bury Ricky properly. The mother tells the daughter she has to get him ready herself, and she will see what can be done but not to expect much help from her. The daughter gently bathes away the dirt from where she dropped him, as well as the blood from the cuts on his neck and ear. She then clips his nails. Then she looks at his hair, his beautiful hair now half cut, and she tries to fix it with her mother's clippers. She does the best she can, but it is still bad. Then, she lays him on his baby blanket, the one her mother let her repair instead of throwing out, to wrap him up in it because it is cold outside. He looks indecent to her, so she covers his groin with his hands first, and then swaddles him in the blanket. She begins to wrap the second blanket around him, but first she tears a strip from it to keep, to always remember him by. She tell her mom he is ready. The mother puts him in the car, and has a horrible, vindictive thought - his final resting place will be that wretched bassinet! He won't fit in the bassinet, but the box is bigger. She gets the box, and puts it in the car also. She drives not far away to a familiar dump site, near the Catholic school. She puts him in the box and carries him back into the brush. She lays the box on its side, to give the animals "easier access". She knows that if anyone finds him, the Catholics will more than likely give him a decent burial, more than he deserves in her opinion. She goes back home with no intention fo returning to the site. She tells her daughter it has been taken care of, little Ricky is at peace. The daughter is wailing and grieving over the few gifts she had given him. This goes on for more than a day. On Sunday, mom can't take it anymore, and convinces her daugher it would be for the best if she got rid of all his things. The daughter puts all of it into a paper bag, all except the swatch of blanket she kept. The mother drives her to the dump site, but does not tell her Ricky's body is there. They get out of the car and are getting the bag out of the trunk when a stranger stops and asks if they need help. They turn away from the stranger, ignoring him, and he goes away. The mother then instructs her to scatter his things in a direction away from the car - she has parked almost parallel with Ricky. They get back in the car and return home. The mother never told the daughter how Ricky died, may even have convinced her Ricky and the baby were the same child. The mother had told her everything was taken care of, so the boy the police are asking about could not be Ricky, she thinks. The mother lies outright, the stepfather is too afraid of the mother to turn her in, but he has guessed the truth. None of the foster kids ever knew about or saw Ricky, so no danger to the mother there. They move from the house years later, and the mother dies after that. The stepfather can now marry the daughter he has loved all this time. The police call with questions again, this time he does not cooperate because he fears for his wife. The mother is dead, so no good could come of the truth now in his opinion. The daughter does not know what the truth is, and now the stepfather is dead. She is all that is left. There is no record of Ricky anywhere, there is no evidence, except she may still have the piece of blanket put up somewhere and not know why.

I do not know when his birthday was, except it was getting close when she purchased the bassinet. I do not think he had quite reached his fourth birthday when he was killed. The preceeding was the story of this poor boy as I saw it happen in, for lack of a better word, a vision. I hope fervently it will be of some help to the investigation.


I realize so-called psychic visions are probably not that valuable as leads - unless they tie into information you already have and give you a reason to look closer at certain things. I have had prophetic dreams about family members (that my niece had a brain tumor, found three months later and I never told anybody in advance) and that my brother was chased by men in a car (he was, in another town - didn't get hurt) and then visions (waking dreams) about different things, like when my Grandma and my Dad were dying.

I'm 51, live in Nebraska, and have never been to the places I've seen in my mind about this little boy. I have visited several sites about the Boy In the Box today and have received the following impressions:

My vision about that child seems to be a work in progress. I too get the murdered boy's first name as Ricky. I also get the distinct impression that Edward or Edwards is his last name.

I picture the boy's father as a man in his mid-30s, dark hair, and a heavy dark mustache. He is unkempt, a loner, does a variety of physical labor-type jobs (not self-employed or a handyman - works for companies or factories as a machinist? But is let go often, mainly because he makes no friends, is scapegoated, and gives everybody the creeps.) He has an eccentric, provincial way of talking and is not from here but grew up somewhere in the south. I still can't find where the man is today. It doesn't feel like he's dead, but I can't get a clear sense of him.

The man's wife also has dark hair, is obese, and wears glasses. I get the name Margaret. She may be in a nursing home or institution in the South. She grieves for "Ricky" but nobody believes there was such a person. The little boy may have been the child of the wife�s sister or some "back home" relation that they agreed to have live with them. But he called this woman Mommy.

There is at least one other child in this family. There is an older brother who was only in school for a short time. He is now in a big city in the east or midwest. I'm just now getting maybe the brother�s name is Frank. He has dark hair and glasses like his mom and tall and thin and has really pale skin. He has a mole on his face or neck. There may also have been a way older sister named Terry in this family who hadn't lived with the family for a long time and never kept in touch. I got that the person changed the spelling of her name to Terri and the phrase "poodle pen". I could see a girl�s handwriting substituting a heart for the dot on the "i" and that "poodle pen" was a real pen that she used that was shaped like a poodle or had a poodle head on the end or something like that. So I�m assuming it was the older sister who wasn�t with them.

I don't see this little boy in a nice masonry house (the foster parents), but surrounded by violence, poverty, and squalor. He lives in a rented wood frame house that used to be painted white, with an open front porch that is falling apart. The roof of the porch is warped and is sagging on one corner. There is something unusual about the foundation - painted an odd color or made of unusual materials. The boy may have been under the porch as the thing that made the man angry.

I see him as receiving a bath and the haircut afterwards as a punishment by a very violent, abusive man who was also abusive to the rest of his family.

The bruise on his right arm was to hold him upright in the tub. He had been beaten around the face and head just previous to the bath and was crying. The bruises on his legs were from being kicked with heavy boots on the shins. This man would hold the boy facing him and kick his legs rather than spanking him.

The boy is yanked out of the tub and sat naked and wet on a wood chair (with turned spindles like a farm chair) still in the bathroom. He cuts the boy's nails. The hair clippers are old and dull and the man holds the boy's head from above and gives the haircut very fast. The boy slides down in the chair to get away from the clippers, so the man jerks him up and shakes him very, very hard. He hits him around the face and head some more. The boy has a terrible headache and may have had bleeding in the brain.

The boy is left in the bathroom on the floor (his clothes are still there in a pile) and the man eats supper with the rest of the family. The little boy had an empty stomach because he was denied supper...he was naked and wet on the bathroom floor where the man left him to go eat himself. He died while the rest of his family was having their meal. They are quaking and mute at the table, but this man is violent all the time. When he goes back to the bathroom to get the boy up (punishment will include no supper and going to bed) he finds he is dead.

In an authoritative voice he orders his wife to get something to cover him in. The blanket is used as a curtain in a bedroom and the mother brings it, she is very shaky and afraid for all their lives. I feel the man picked up the clothes and another child's shoes that were in the bathroom because he is thinking about "evidence" and making a plan to leave town.

The whole family drives in a car that has round-shaped headlights and a lot of curves in its design. The man knows where the nuns live and is thinking that somehow this will be blamed on some girl at the school. The REASON the man thought to put the body near the nuns is that he had it wrong, he thought it was an orphanage not a school. He may have actually gone up to the door of the foster house about a month before the crime because he had it in his head that he was going to get rid of one or both of the boys. He drove past the nuns and on down the road. But he didn't say that to the people at the foster home, when they answered the door he either asked if they had any odd jobs or for directions. This is probably why the psychic lady saw that house, she was looking through his eyes.

When he gets close to the school, he becomes afraid of being seen and leaves his wife and other child with the car. He carries the body in his arms. There is some kind of outbuilding on the school grounds close to the road that he was going to leave the boy in, but it is getting dark and he has trouble finding it. Then, unexpectedly, he spots the J.C. Penney box. I don't see this was their box, or that they had a bassinet, or even that they brought it with them. It was in the brush and the man just headed to it as a likely spot. I am thinking this was not where he was originally planning to put the body, but "it would have to do". He had the boy's clothes in a bundle held in front of the body, but as he walks things start falling out and he doesn't care about that either. He slides the body inside feet first and the box moves a little bit down an incline. I don't understand why they didn't find the little boy's underwear or pants. These may have been dragged away by animals because they were soiled. The hanky may have been in the boy's pocket. He wore an old leather belt that was a man's belt and was way too big for him.

The man accidentally lost his cap while stumbling around in the dark. The blue cap was never worn before. That's why it looked brand new. The cap was a gift from someone he doesn't know well or like, he doesn't like the cap either, but he put it on so he wouldn't be recognized. Also the reason a strap was put on that cap is that the man who bought it for a present wasn't sure if it was going to fit. The man who bought the cap didn't live there at all. He came to visit the family and he had light blue eyes. The guy may have been named Glen and was Air Force. He took the little boy for a hair cut and bought the cap as a gift on the spur of the moment. That's why the killer recut the boy's hair - all he needed was a bath, but the killer didn't like the man who had come to visit and felt like getting the haircut had been "uppity" and that he would give him a REAL haircut.

I do see the woman and other child as being spooked that someone noticed them while the man was gone. They don't take all their things out of the house. There is a brown puppy left on a rope outside (that might be it! something about the puppy and the boy under the porch) - and leave some kind of white dishes, fairly nice pottery dishes that includes big serving pieces. Did any landlords ever come forward and say an odd family left a bunch of things behind in a rented house? Somebody took the dog which was used as a hunting dog. I can see this dog and some kind of game birds.

These people leave town that night or very early the next morning. I get "Illinois" a rural area with very spindly tall trees and a shallow or flat-looking lake, and that they had to have the radiator repaired on the way. Wants a patch but has to be welded? They were in the town of the killing because the mother wanted to come here, used to have relatives here that turned out to either be gone or to totally shun them. In Illinois there are connections to the man.

The man who killed the boy is not intelligent, he runs on emotion and is very isolated even with his family. He didn't stay with them long after they left town but it's a black hole, I don't know where he went. I am thinking the killer wore a coarse black wool coat and had lived in a shelter or rented a bed in a men's place like the Y at some time in his life. He was not an alcoholic. He cut the boy's nails because of the other man who had come to visit - he is the man in charge, he knows how to groom him and the other man was just butting in. Was the older boy with him for awhile? These people were poor, poor, poor and uneducated. They didn't watch tv or read newspapers and probably never knew what a big deal this got to be.


I came across this website as I would like to be a lawyer and was doing research on crimes, murders, etc. I am 16 years old, and I have the ability to speak to ghosts, spirits, whatever you prefer to call them. I am in a way also psychic, but very limited. I have done a lot of asking around to older people, dead people, asking them if they knew anything of this boy.

I ended up being visited by the little boy after 2 weeks of spending countless hours on your website looking for clues and any way I could help. He appeared to me as around 4 1/2 years old. I didn't get a birthday. He spoke very slowly and it was hard to understand him. What I was able to get from him was his parents had given him up for adoption, with no record, it was one of those, leave a baby on a doorstep and then ring the doorbell and run. So no case of this child being given up for adoption or anything like that was recorded. The child was never registered at a hospital and never had a birth certificate, he was born in his home and given a name which was not revealed to me. His foster parents were abusive people. He was not chained in any basement or locked in there. He was never sexually assaulted. He had bruises on his legs from playing, falling down. The bruises on his face were from very rough handling when being put into the box. His foster parents did the operations by themselves, since the father was a doctor. They had no other children. No neighbors knew of the child because he was kept inside.

I hope this information will prove to be useful. Check the inside of his toenails if possible. His teeth were never worked on, so no ID would have been found from that. His hands and feet were wrinkly because it had rained within the couple of days that he was there, and the box retained a bit of water.


I am a psychic and what I am writing is what I saw before reading the case history on your web site and what is below is from this 'knowingness" state.

Before I began reading your web site, my first impression on the boy's face as it was flashing on your front page was that his hair was cut after death. His eyes told me he suffered malnutrition and beatings. His hair and fingernails were trimmed and he was cleansed to confuse investigators should he be discovered. He lived in filth and baths were far between, thus he accumulated bodily scum between the toes and under the nails, and the reasoning behind soaking in hot water for his hands and feet.

In a vision tonight, I saw an older woman standing behind him and bending over him holding his head shaving his hair with a razor and not scissors. He was not fighting her. I would say she was 18-25 lbs overweight and about 50-55 years of age at the time. The child is 6 years old and never attended school.

After reading the case history and medical examiner's report, his left eye appears to have had conjunctivitis and would explain the dye found in the investigation.

The surgical scar on the groin could be from an inguinal hernia repair or groin lumps. I would say if the surgical scars elsewhere are small, they could represent lancing of boils which are associated with severe un-cleanliness and also, could have caused scars from improper care.

His legs tell me he was kicked a lot in the shins and at times with a long object heavy enough to inflict deep bruises but not break the bones.

I am hoping the above will be of help to you. I am sincere and would like this child to have his name known and that any relative living may have peace. I will return to your site later on and will send anything that may come to me. This is my first attempt at using my psychic abilities on behalf of the deceased by murder.


I have been reading up on the case of the "Boy in the Box." I do not believe that his name was Jonathan. I believe that his name was "David" I also believe that he was a child with ADHD (but we did not know of that diagnosis at the time). I believe that he lived in the foster care home and the man was his father (he was a smoker and right handed), He was a very angry man and beat the boy all the time because of his actions (that he could not help due to the ADHD). I also believe that the boy's mother is the young woman that lived in the house. She feels to be about 14 to 18 years in age. I believe that the woman had some kind of "medical problem" (depression, schizophrenia, mental problems.) She was also beaten by the man. The scars on the boys ankles are from IV's for a hernia surgery he had when he was a baby (the scar in the groin too). The other "scars" are from being beaten by the man. I am also getting the name "Garrison or Gearheart" I, as of now, do not know what the names are in regards to, but they have something to do with this case.

I am just trying to help. I have no relation to anyone involved, nor have I ever been to Philly. Thank you for reading my visions. God bless you and may angels rest in your hearts.


You need to do this religiously by contacting a minister, preferably Methodist, regarding the Ten Commandments for killing. Share verses in the holy bible. You will get a voice at rest at your home at night. It will call you to view the ceiling. You will see an astrological circle, red beams of light, surgeons, and a white dot to follow in your field of view. You will also see the boy's full legal name. Good luck.


I know you guys may not put much stock in this kind of thing, but I was using the ouija board and contacted an entity who said his name was Jeff (Jeffrey) and that he was 6 years old when he died in Philadelphia in the 1950's. (I immediately thought of the boy in the box). He said his mother murdered him and that his father wasn't aware that his mother had murdered him. He was one of 14 children. His father's name was Duke and his mother's name was Helen. Date of birth was 7/6. This may not lead anywhere but I felt compelled to share it in case it could help solve the case. Thank you for listening.


Now, I wasn't born until 1960 in Columbia, S.C. and have never been to Philadelphia in my life, but I can see and sense things in my mind. I think he belonged to Gilda and Hampton Lloyd. Hampton was both his father and grandpa. He raped his daughter Shelby by age 14. The scars were due to making the little boy sterile or ruptures from abuse. The family may have come from Tennessee. (Is there a city named Murphy?) As far as Shelby, she may have run off, got married and moved to Louisiana. Gilda could not bear the shame or hurt and helped in the boy's demise. Like I said, this is what I saw in my mind.


Ever since I was a little girl, I've been blessed with the ability to communicate with entities within the astral plane of existence. The astral plane is the realm into which we pass at death, and in which we spend a period of time before moving on to a higher sphere of existence. Etheric entities have revealed to me that the Boy in the Box homicide case will never be solved by the living, because the answers to the mystery no longer exist in the physical plane. The truth is unknowable to those of us who inhabit the world of the living. However, it pleases me to tell you that justice has been served. The perpetrator of that heinous crime has not gone unpunished in the hereafter. You may also be comforted to know that the spiritual entity who briefly occupied the physical world as the personage we know only as "the boy in the box", transcended the astral plane long ago and returned to earth to live a new life as a different person. He is alive at this very moment, but is totally unaware that he had a previous life that ended tragically.


I know you get a million psychic impressions about the boy in the box. I don't get paid for what I seem to be able to do, occasionally I get an impression and email someone about it. Here's what I'm getting... I believe one of the doctors that performed surgery on this little one was named Arthur Davidson. I strongly believe he's currently residing in Vermont. I get an image of a box car related to this case. Could this little one have wandered off with a Hobo from elsewhere? I noticed that in the psychic impressions that were posted, another person got the name Ricky. I got it as well. I'm also getting the name Eunice. I don't know if there is such place as Richter, Vermont. But I would say that the location in Vermont is very similar to that.