Maps and Charts


A 1957 Map of Philadelphia showing key locations related to this case.


A. Susquehanna Rd., Fox Chase - where the unknown boy's nude body was discovered lying inside a large cardboard carton on 02/25/57. The carton had originally contained a white J.C. Penney's bassinet. Nearby, a blue corduroy cap with a leather strap was found.


B. #100 South 69th St., Upper Darby - site of the J.C. Penney store where the white bassinet was purchased some time between 12/03/56 and 02/16/57. It was one of twelve bassinets purchased at the store during that period.


C. #2603 South 7th St., Philadelphia - site of the Robbins Hat Co., where the blue corduroy cap with leather strap was purchased by a blond-haired man in his late twenties. According to the owner of the hat company, the man's features resembled those of the dead child.


1. The Philadelphia city cemetery (potter's field), where the unknown boy was originally laid to rest on July 24, 1957. Pursuant to a court order, the body was exhumed in November 1998, to obtain tissue for DNA analysis.


2. Ivy Hill Cemetery, where the boy was reburied on November 11, 1998 as "America's Unknown Child".




Crime Scene Sketch


 This is a portion of a Crime Scene Sketch that was prepared by the Philadelphia police department Visual Aids Section based on measurements taken by Detective Widger of the Northeast Detective Division. It pinpoints the exact location of the discovery site and key pieces of evidence.

The discovery site was located 3/10 of a mile west of Verree Road, and 2/10 of a mile east of Pine Road, not far from the entrance to the Good Shepherd School for Wayward Girls, but on the opposite (south) side of Susquehanna Road. (Note: On this sketch the school is referred to by the name of its patron saint, Kateri Tekawitha, a 17th century Native American known for her spirituality and austere lifestyle.)

According to the Crime Scene Sketch, the cardboard carton that contained the boy's body was 59 feet west of the school entrance, and 15 feet south of Susquehanna Road (almost exactly opposite utility pole #31304A.) The blue felt cap was found 17 feet away in a northwest direction, near the edge of the road. A pathway through the underbrush led directly from the cap to the carton.

This original Crime Scene Sketch is from the official Boy in the Box investigation case files. It was provided by William H. Kelly, V.S.M. Mr. Kelly has kindly granted us permission to publish the sketch on this web site.



1957 Fox Chase Map

 A contemporary street map of the Fox Chase area of northeast Philadelphia showing the locations of the discovery site (blue circle) and the Good Shepherd School (green triangle). The locations of the foster home (yellow square) and the Powroznik house (red square) are also indicated.