"America's Unknown Child" - A Tribute


In the year 1957, on a bitter cold winter's day,

Police found a small child murdered, but no clues to his identity.


Who was this sweet little boy

Found by the side of the road,

Wrapped in a torn, tattered blanket,

A discarded box his abode?


Why was he placed in the open?

Who groomed him and laid him "to rest?"

Why was he battered and beaten;

Who folded his hands 'cross his chest?


Where did this little boy come from?

Who gave him life from the start?

Did he have a 'real' mommy and daddy?

Did his death break anyone's heart?


These questions have never been answered

In a space of forty and two years,

But all who have read his sad story,

Are touched and have shed many tears!


Many have searched for the answers.

Many have prayed for the same.

This little sweet boy who died long ago,

Surely deserves his own name!


Formerly known as the "Boy in the Box,"

His death still goes unreconciled,

'Til someone comes forth and tells all the world

The name of "America's Unknown Child."